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My Zazzle Store

So I recently started a store on Zazzle and I am really excited to start sharing my designs with the world. You can visit my store on Zazzle at


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was such a nice day at the sunrise church service on the beach. Check out some of the photos from the day.

For more photos from the day, check out my Flickr at


My sister helped organize this benefit concert for her youth group, and she asked me to take photos for her. Being the sister I am, I agreed to help her and here are some of the results:

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NSU CommunityFest 2010

Check out some of my photography from NSU CommunityFest 2010.

Be sure to check out my Flickr for all the photos from the event.

Lauren Aurigemma Photography

This is my most popular photo on my Flickr site, and one of the most recent too.

Baby Jake

Jake is one of the most well-behaved babies I have ever watched. At 9 months old, he is just so happy and smily all the time. I love the facial expressions he makes, especially when the camera is on his precious little face.

Check out my Flickr for more photos of Jake.