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Gray-Haired Matt LeBlanc: ‘I Dyed My Hair the Whole Time on ‘Friends”

I am a huge FRIENDS fan, and I was shocked to see an article on that showed how Matt LeBlanc died his hair throughout all 10 seasons. Now, he is almost completely gray all over. It’s weird to see him with mostly gray hair at 43 years old, but I guess everyone has to get older sooner or later. See the before and after picture below.


Eloise Suite opens at the Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel’s most famous pretend resident is finally on the real world map. Unveiling its Eloise Suite on Thursday, the New York hotel has turned Kay Thompson’s classic children’s book into a beautiful, whimsical bedroom, replete with girly furnishings, a pet turtle, and of course, a bawth. The pink filled room with zebra print carpet, with gold and pink accents, was designed by Betsy Johnson. I’ve always loved The Plaza Hotel, but if I were six again, I would want to stay in this room. Check out some pictures below.

Bed sheets are printed with scenes Eloise scampering around The Plaza, which apparently makes them WAY more fun to jump on.

The suite is designed by the queen of girly rock chic, Betsey Johnson, who isn't one bit afraid of pairing animal prints and pink stripes. And roses. And gold.

Eloise, her pug Weenie, and her turtle Skipperdee welcome other kids' pets (as long as they are under 25 pounds).

A perfect mirror for making sure you look glamorous. Not that you wouldn't already. Especially when you are six.

Eloise's desk and chair and many boxes of goodness-knows-what.

An armoire full of disguises--all the better to crash weddings with...

Young ladies who find themselves exhausted by all the action can retire in this plush robe, and even wear it home.

Well, if one has to have a bawth, one might as well have it here.

“I miss you…”

“I miss you when something really good happens, because you are the one I want to share it with. I miss you when something is troubling me, because you are the one who understands me so well. I miss you when I laugh and cry because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear. I miss you all the time, but I miss you most when I lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with eachother; for those were some of the best times of my life.”

The person you love is 72.8% water

Old, but I love

Even though this is not a timely post, but I love these dresses from the 2010 Costume Institute Gala.

Jennifer Lopez

Renee Zellweger

Sarah Jessica Parker

Gwen Stefani


Blake Lively

Jessica Szohr

Calgary Farmers’ Market Advertisements

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

While using StumbleUpon today, I saw this awesome recipe from Noble Pig about pepperoni pizza puffs. I love pizza and pepperoni, and this looked like the perfect little appetizer for an intimate gathering. Definitely going to stuff this recipe in a folder.

Click here for the full recipe.

Happy eating!