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After Christmas Sales

So happy my parents skipped on getting me clothes and gave me cash to go shop for myself. Best sales were at Zara, Banana Republic, Express, and Gilly Hicks. I made out like a bandit.



I helped set up my friends Mandy and Emma’s fashion blog.

This is from their “Pretty In Pink” post.

Everyone should check it out!

14 Cool Tea and Coffee Mugs

Browsing the web earlier, and I came across these awesome tea and coffee mugs. As a coffee lover, I thought they were the coolest thing. Check out one below:

Check out this website for more interesting tea and coffee mugs:

Inventions You Never Knew You Didn’t Need

I stumbled on this cool website that has these hilarious inventions that are so eccentric, yet interesting at the same time. Check out one of them:

The Weight Watch Belt

Check out the site for more:

Vector Jungle

As a graphic designer, I am always looking for vectors or icons to help build my latest design.

Today, I stumbled across a site called that has a bunch of free resources for graphic designers.

Although they only have 10 pages worth of blog entries, they are well worth your time. They have only been up and running for a year, but they are worth the click.