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New and Exciting Things

Well, I have not been blogging too much recently because so much has been going on. I have been working constantly at The Current trying to fix our Web site problems. 

Since we have been wanting to switch from College Publisher to WordPress since March, I was trying to figure out how to make that all happen, especially since I have no clue about Web design (I am strictly a graphic designer). After months of researching and trying to figure out how I could leave my comfort zone and dive into the world of Web design, I found CoPress. Thank goodness I did, because if not, I would still be suffering from a migraine daily.

As of lately, I have been working on the Web site as well as compiling a multitude of different design ideas. I am currently redesigning The Current‘s advertising packages, and researching other colleges and how they present their media kits. I especially like the University of Miami (UM) 2008-2009 media kit. They created a very sleek design that is timeless and very professional. 

Other than that, I have been working on posters, flyers and other miscellaneous items for the paper. I can’t wait to start placing issues again.