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Mother’s Day

To all the mom’s out there, I hope they all had a happy Mother’s Day.


Joey’s at Wynwood

Went out to dinner in Miami last night and we ate at the most amazing Italian restaurant – Joey’s at Wynwood. The food there is so authentic, but that’s probably because the head chef is from Italia.

The pizza is true to the way it is made in Napoli – thin and fresh ingredients. 

Anyone looking for a great place in Miami to eat, Joey’s at Wynwood is the perfect Italian meal. 

Check out their Web site at

Amazing Design Web Site

For anyone interested in following an amazing design Web site on twitter, here is the link

Smashing Magazine offers incredible tutorials, links to free items (i.e. fonts, applications), and inspirational design techniques. It is truly an amazing Web site and I read every post that they have.

You can also check them out at

Work, Work, and More Work

I am working at The Current – NSU’s student-run newspaper – today on visual design things, but I am not feeling inspired. I have to create a poster to promote our newspaper, but I am coming up empty.